Well…What Did You Expect?

Many people have asked us over the past several weeks as to why we haven’t posted anything on our web site. It seems we have developed quite a following since we expressed our opinion on the Mayor and Council’s total disregard to taxpayer wishes, by voting for an additional 1 cent sales tax.

Many have asked if we were surprised at the vote. That’s too easy. Absolutely not, in our opinion, it was par for the course for those who have no creative leadership skills. It is also our opinion, the past and current administrations have demonstrated far too often they cannot plan a budget, maintain a budget or deal with a budget crisis with sound business principles…can you say “MoonPie”. This time was no different.

We believe it is only a matter of time before the Mayor comes back to the City Council and says the 1 cent tax increase is not enough and we are going to have to find other areas to tax its citizens. Councilmember Gina Gregory has already said publicly that property taxes in the City of Mobile were not “high” enough. So, hold on to your wallets, as they used to say, “they ain’t done yet”.

The reason we haven’t posted anything is because everyone already knew what we were thinking, because you were thinking it too. It is the same old story…tax and spend. There is no regard in city hall for the taxpayers of this city. There has been a call for an audit so taxpayers can see what happened to the money. That appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Why? We believe they are afraid of the outcome. We believe the results will show that “Special Interest” groups have grabbed far more than their fair share from the city vault, while those with real needs go unfunded.

While we do not have City Elections this fall, the fall-out from this latest tax increase will not be forgotten in the near term. Some political analyst and pundits inside the Beltway in Washington are forecasting that “tea party” sentiment will continue strongly all the way through the next Presidential election. The “kick them all out” mentality is sure to filter down into state and local elections as well. So be it!

In talking with our friends, neighbors, business and commercial property owners the next Mobile Mayor and City Council election will be very interesting to say the least. You can rest assured that, for at least three of the city offices, the incumbent will “not” be running unopposed.

Just because we don’t post everyday, does not mean we are not watching…and watching…and watching. After all, there is a reason we are called City Watch. Stay tuned…



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