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Mayor and Council “Just Don’t Get It”.

As our City Councilmembers prepare for Tuesday’s vote on the 1 cent sales tax, we are extremely concerned that our esteemed elected officials still “don’t get it”.  In our recent poll, while not scientific, we have 100% of those who voted say that the Citizens of Mobile should be able to vote on any tax or fee increase.  Scientific or not, 100% is still 100%.

Let us be perfectly clear.  No New Taxes.  No New User Fees.  No New User Surcharges.  No New Property Taxes.  Taxes on Internet Purchases…your kidding…right?  What’s next… a tax on blooms on every Azalea bush in the City of Mobile?   Maybe a tax on every MoonPie thrown from a float during Mardi Gras?  Or how about an “Advertising Tax” on every ad run by any advertizing medium.  This would include newspapers, television, radio, 3rd class junk mail, and advertising/public relations firms.

The City, State and Federal Government must learn to live within their budget.  Every family has to adjust their income in tough times, so should the government.  Raising taxes is easy.  Making tough decisions on living within your budget takes courage and leadership.  The Taxpayers of Mobile should not be penalized for the mistakes made by poor management from our elected officials.  It’s time for everyone who voted for the past budget to take responsibility for their poor decision…not the taxpayer.

So, while we applaud those who have taken a “stand for” the Taxpayers of Mobile, we will also be watching carefully those who take a stand “against” the Taxpayers of Mobile.  Vote against your constituency and you will pay the consequences at the election poll.  In other words, in three years, there will be no uncontested incumbents.

Call your local councilmember and State Senator and tell them it is time for a complete State audit of the City of Mobile.


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